On Demand Professional Development Courses: 

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1: Data Science & Machine Learning using Python – A Bootcamp!

Also available on udemy and skillshare (e-learning platforms).

Duration (in-class –Can be tailored according to your requirements). Four weeks including 100+ hours of hands-on training using real world datasets.

A Jump start towards the most rewarding and in-demand career of Data Science and Machine Learning!

This is one of the most comprehensive and our bestselling bootcamp which uses the power of Python to learn exploratory data analysis and machine learning algorithms. You will learn the skills to dive deep into the data and present solid conclusions for decision making. 

Motivation / Overview:

According to IBM, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily and 90% of the existing data in the world today, has been created in the last two years alone. Social media, transections records, cell phones, GPS, emails, research, medical records and much more…., the data comes from everywhere which has created a big talent gap and the industry, across the globe, is experiencing shortage of experts who can answer and resolve the challenges associated with the data. Professionals are needed in the field of Data Science who are capable of handling and presenting the insights of the data to facilitate decision making. This is the time to get into this field with the knowledge and in-depth skills of data analysis and presentation.

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2: Financial Machine Learning using Python – A Bootcamp!

Duration (in-class): Four weeks including 100+ hours of hands-on training using real world datasets. (Can be tailored according to your requirements)

Motivation / Overview:

We are in the era of big data. Leading companies are struggling to find the data driven intelligent solutions so that they can save their resources. Intelligent solutions are cost effective and optimize the operations in each and every company, regardless of its size. In fact, Machine learning is changing every aspect of our lives. Now, we can accomplish complex tasks with the help of Machine Learning algorithms, such tasks were not trivial for many experts until today. Finance is always a key department of every company. Today, this is the most exciting time to adopt disruptive technologies that will transform how we invest for generations. This course will provide practical and scientifically sound machine learning tools that have worked for the leading financial experts over the years. Throughout the course, hands-on training with the real datasets will be provided along with theory lectures. Python is going to be the language for this course and we will work in jupyter notebook. 

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